Back to School with Financial Peace Giveaway

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Back to School with Financial Peace Giveaway

I am able to homeschool because of Dave Ramsey and his plan for financial peace.

Before the thought of homeschooling even entered our minds, my husband and I got on the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt. Getting our finances under control was a priority for us for a number of reasons. But I was motivated to leave my full time job and stay home with our children. Little did either of us know at the time, but God had even bigger plans for us – to homeschool our kids.

The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey laid the financial foundation for our family. If you need direction or encouragement to get your finances in order, this book is a must-have. If you feel like you are drowning in debt and bad financial decisions, get this book and get on the plan. Even if it feels like your finances are doing okay but you know things could be better, you need this book so you can live your best life. God wants his best for you.

“The enemy of “the best” is not “the worst.” The enemy of “the best” is “just fine.” – Dave Ramsey

Our family has just come through a period of unemployment. Through it we were able to continue homeschooling because of being on the Dave Ramsey plan and having an emergency fund in place. Our emergency fund was not intended to last that long, but through God’s provision we made it through it. So again…

I am able to homeschool because of Dave Ramsey and his plan for financial peace.

Financial Peace Junior helps us teach our children to earn and manage their own money. They learn that money is not just given to them, but earned. It helps set them up for the real world where they have to earn their own money. And they learn how to save some, spend some, and give some. It’s presented in a fun, child-friendly way. The kit comes with:

  • a dry-erase chore chart to track weekly earnings
  • envelopes for tracking cash (Spending, Saving, Giving)
  • kids activity book
  • calculator
  • stickers and crayons
  • an audio book
  • and parent guides to help you get started using this system to teach your kids financial responsibility

Adding up commission

You have to teach children about money intentionally – create teachable moments. – Dave Ramsey

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

Homeschool families are most often single income families, and budgeting for homeschool can seem intimidating. I’m so passionate about homeschooling AND financial peace, I wrote a chapter in The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas about How to Create a Homeschool Budget and Stick to It.

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey

Why You Need This Book

Getting help with your homeschool budget is just one of the many helpful ideas you will find in The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. Topics vary from how to make the first day of homeschool special to what are my foreign language options to what to do if my child hates math. Authors will guide you through stages and transitions that affect your homeschool from preschool to high school, and through different situations like moving while homeschooling, working while homeschooling, and homeschooling as a single parent.

This book will be a great resource for you on a wide range of topics that you’ll be able to reference again and again. Need some new ideas for your homeschool? 55 homeschooling bloggers from iHomeschool Network have written about 103 different topics. There are plenty of ideas from moms who have lived through it already!

This ebook is $10.99 and you get access to 3 different formats (pdf, mobi, & epub) so you can read it on your computer, iPad, tablet, laptop, smart phone, or any device that can read those formats.

Visit The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas main page to get all the details and to purchase.

Back to School with Financial Peace Giveaway

And because I want to help families get and keep their finances in order, I’m offering a Back to {Home}School with Financial Peace Giveaway!! woohoo! I have filled this basket with items that I believe will bless your family now and for years to come.

What is included:

 A special thanks go out to the gracious folks at Heritage History and Ultimate Typing for providing their products for this giveaway. 

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And don’t forget to get your copy of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas to encourage and inspire you as you go back to {home}school this year!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

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130 thoughts on “Back to School with Financial Peace Giveaway

  1. Hi! Thanks for doing this giveaway! My biggest financial challenge is teaching my High School daughter how to manage money.

  2. Saying no to what seems like it should just fit in the budget, like the extra snacks at the grocery store or a trip through the drive thru on a busy day, wreck my best budgeting interventions.

    1. That’s hard for me too; maybe your love language is gift giving! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that choosing something that is “good” in the moment is not what is “best” for our family.

    2. We only ever go grocery shopping with a list. Mom makes the list and Firecracker and I do the shopping. He knows now that if it’s not on the list, we don’t get it. Except, of course, for the free cookie from the bakery! :-)

    1. It’s not fun to keep paying for debt. If you haven’t already, try the snowball approach that Dave Ramsey recommends. It helps you get traction on your debt as you work to pay it all off. You begin to see a “snowball” effect as you get things paid off.

  3. Very good post. My husband and I too came through a season that we made it thanks to following Dave Ramsey’s plan. That was over 8 years ago and I still make sure we are following his plan. I will be checking out financial peace Jr. Thanks

  4. My biggest challenge with finances is holding myself back when I see something small that I know would bless my husband or children–or friends! Things that they don’t necessarily need. Those small little things add up!

  5. My biggest challenge is that my husband and I have totally different ideas of how to deal with money

  6. My husband and I have been wanting to study and use Dave Ramsey’s tools and information to transform our finances to better provide for our kids, especially for their education! Financial Peace is definitely a legacy we want to leave for our kids, along with teaching them to be good stewards of what they have.

  7. My biggest financial challenge is an odd one: enjoying my money. I grew up with little and never feel like I can let go of any money. If I splurge on a latte at Starbucks, I don’t really even enjoy it because I worry that one day I’ll be out $3 and wish I hadn’t bought this drink

  8. Trying to figure out how to add more money to monthly school loan payment with very little flexibility in income.

  9. Our biggest challenge is that every few years we have something happen that wipes out our savings. First our manufacured home park closed down and we had to move our house and set it up somewhere else (a little over 10k in cost), then several medical emergancies that set us back a couple thousand.

  10. I’ve heard of Dave Ramsey through other homeschool families. I was a skeptic to be honest, but hear of great things from this. With a family of six, would like to get my hands on this and see for myself!!

  11. Keeping up with bills. We don’t own credit cards, so we don’t have that challenge, but we are 1 income and sometimes we are just barely paying our bills.

  12. My biggest challenge is that we don’t have much income to work with, but we are very blessed and have learned to love living a simple life.

  13. My biggest challenge is my husband had to take a lower paying job then we had before, we are in debt and he is the only one working. We are talking bankruptcy.

  14. My biggest financial challenge is planning for the future (college for kids, retirement for husband).

  15. Wow what a great contest. Yes one of my goals is to teach our children to have financial freedom. We live in a very pricy area of the country (Sonoma County – want to stay here only because of family) sad to say we do not foresee the ability to own a home without the sacrifice of other things needed in of our life. We are homeschooling on one income and financial stability is so pleasing to my ears.

  16. Honestly, we just don’t have enough income. No matter how we move our budget around it just isn’t enough. We’re currently working on some things to increase our income.

  17. I love Dave Ramsey. My husband and I took the class at our church and I would love to win this so that I can help my kids see the importance of not going into debt.

  18. I would say our biggest struggle is coming up with a budget and teaching money management to our son.

  19. Our biggest challenge currently is saving. We have a family of 7 and only one income at the time…

  20. Huge fan of Dave Ramsey! Definitely need this to incorporate into our lessons now that I have a teen

  21. The only way we make it is through prayer. We came into homeschooling unexpectedly we didn’t have time to prepare financially.

  22. I just told my husband today that I wanted to teach my youngest son how to handle money. We failed my oldest son in this category. Thanks.

  23. My biggest financial challenge is affording all the wonderful homeschool items I keep seeing! :) Ty for the contest!

  24. My biggest challenge is buying things that we do not necessarily need because it is a clearance item that is “too good to pass up”.

  25. Our biggest financial challenge is that our income doesn’t meet our basic needs for food and shelter.

  26. We used to use our credit cards whenever we “needed” them. Now we don’t use them at all but we racked up quite a bit of debt. SO our challenge is getting it paid off.

  27. My biggest financial challenge is saving extra money instead of spending it on activities or eating out.

  28. My biggest financial challenge is depending on credit cards when income is low which due to our most recent circumstances has been a constant issue. I also think we need a grocery budget to limit the amount we spend on food each month. We are used to going into the store and buying whatever we want, but we can’t do that anymore. We also have debt that needs to be paid off. We are selling our home in hopes to get rid of the debt that has accumulated over 15 years. I would LOVE to win the Dave Ramsey basket. thank you for the opportunity!
    Tracey M. recently posted…B&H Publishing Group Review: My Child, My Princess: A Parable About the King written by Beth Moore

  29. Our biggest challenge is being out of work, but God has provided! Hopefully he will also provide through one of the many wonderful giveaways, too :-)

  30. Paying off past debt and emergency bills and wishing my husband would see and commit to the ways he needs to change his own personal spending for the good of the family.

  31. Our biggest financial challenge is dealing with the unexpected! Whether it be an extra long doctor’s appointment and the kids are starving as we drive by the drive thru or unexpected home repairs, saving up for these times are so challenging living on one income!

  32. Our biggest financial challenge is keeping our heads above water and me trying to find work while I homeschool and attend college myself.

  33. I have never been financially savy. But I am working hard to learn now so my children will not have the same struggles in their life,

  34. Our biggest financial challenge is our debt – overcoming some wrong decisions when we were younger.

  35. My biggest hurdle is keeping our restaurant dining under control. We seem to always go over on this category!

  36. Our biggest financial challenge is keeping a budget. I dread the work of creating a budget but I know it would really help us to stay focused on our goals. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to win this. :)

    Our biggest challenge financially is the grocery budget. We have a hard time keeping under budget with 6 growing children! Some months are definitely better than others ;)

  38. My biggest financial challenge is budgeting for the unexpected. MURPHY is on our backs for sure!

  39. Hay, What a great idea. I am so bad with money and budgeting it would be great to have my kids learn early so they dont have the same issues and maybe I could learn along the way!

    thanks for the chance


  40. I would so LOVE to have Financial Peace Jr for my little ones. Dave Ramsey is a blessing for sharing what should be common sense to those of us who weren’t raised to know anything about handling money!!

  41. Our biggest challenge is staying on budget! We follow Dave and would love to have the kids follow too!

  42. My biggest financial challenge would be sticking to a budget once I set one up. Something always seems to come up, it’s quite frustrating.

  43. Love Dave! And our biggest challenge is too much credit card debt, from mistakes we have made! But the good thing is we have learned so many lessons!

  44. My biggest challenge when it comes to money is planning ahead so I’m not always behind and out of money when I really need something.

  45. Currently, my biggest financial challenge is wanting to be able to help my kids go to college. My oldest is 16 & it’s sure looming on the horizon!

    So far the biggest thing we’ve done to help them pay for college is that we’ve gotten out of debt ourselves & that’s no small thing! We owe it in part to Dave Ramsey’s teachings & in part to Clark Howard’s teachings. By paying off our debt, we’ve actually managed to build a nice nest egg & we’re much more secure than we were 5 years ago. Hopefully by the time they start school, we’ll be able to help them out without putting the whole family at risk.

    The next financial challenge that we work on constantly is raising money smart kids! That’s a HUGE gift, bigger than paying for their college would ever be. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Erin recently posted…Crazy Mountain Ranch, Summer 2014 Lodging

  46. My biggest financial challenge today is trying to explain to the kiddos for the 10th time way we don’t stop at every fast food joint / Sonic and buy snacks and drinks!!!!

  47. Having too much month at the end of money, overspending on groceries and convenience foods because I am strapped on time and don’t meal plan like I should. Going to start doing crock pot meals though.

  48. Walking away from good deals on things that are things we need/use but don’t have the cash for right now…..I hate to pay MORE later!!

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